THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Future will be different but bring opportunities

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I am now 61. Many friends retired at 60 and so I tend to look ahead and wonder what retirement will be like in a few years time – and that can be scary.

Partly it is fear of the unknown, partly the thought of not being so busy and active.

Jesus, of course, did not retire – he was only 33 when he died and rose again.

But there was a point in his ministry when he stopped being so active and started to let go.

That moment was in a garden in Jerusalem. He had just shared his last supper with his closest friends. One had left early to betray him. Jesus was praying in the garden when they came to arrest him. One disciple wanted to resist but instead Jesus allowed himself to be arrested and die on the cross.

Jesus knew his time on earth was limited and did not cling on to power here. As we face the end of any part of our life, the way that Jesus acted less and allowed more to happen to him can provide us with a model.

The future will be different – and there will be some loss. But the Easter story shows it will also bring opportunities of new life.

Peter Garland, Vicar of St John’s, Spalding with Deeping St Nicholas