THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Follow Jesus and take some time off

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In my job, I am very lucky in meeting lots of people. In schools, in the hospital, in church and in their homes.

One thing that strikes me frequently is the pressure on people today. At work, they are often being assessed or inspected or asked to work more for less.

At home, they are often caring for relatives – either the very young and demanding or the very elderly and needy. The question is: “How can I fit it all in?”

The Bible gives us a picture of Jesus having a very busy day.

Healing and teaching the many who were attracted by his love and his power.

But the next morning, Jesus went off by himself to be with his father, God, and he resisted the demands of his closest followers to go back and do more mighty works – he wanted to go on elsewhere.

In his life, Jesus gives us another model to follow. One who can be busy and care for many people.

One who was also able to take time out and time off to be with the person who mattered most to him – his Father in heaven.

As we dash round in our busy lives, we could remember his words: “Come to me, all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.

Peter Garland

Vicar of St John’s Spalding with Deeping St Nicholas and Chaplain, Johnson Community Hospital