THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Don’t look too far ahead and miss out

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As I walked through Holbeach five days before Christmas I saw a shop assistant taking down the decorations and cleaning the window.

I was brave enough to ask what he was doing and his reply was that he was getting ready for the sale and new spring stock.

I smiled and said that they had Christmas cards in before I had been on my summer holiday and now Christmas was being packed away before the event.

Another customer said that she had been in a shop with Easter eggs on the shelf.

I am well aware that we need to get organised but by getting ourselves too advanced we can miss out.

How many celebrated the birth of the Christ child and the visit from the shepherds and then put the story away for another year?

We have just celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany as the wise men brought precious gifts to the Christ child.

Epiphany means sudden revelation or realisation – these men were well aware that Jesus was and is a revelation.

Let us look from day to day and not too far ahead or we may miss an Epiphany moment in our own lives.

Rev Barbara Hutchinson

Whaplode Church