THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Decisions taken on climate change could influence our very survival

Roger Seal
Roger Seal
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In just over a week’s time, the United Nations will meet in Paris to discuss climate change. I cannot exaggerate how important this event will be.

Decisions taken and commitments made will have far-reaching outcomes and will influence our prospects, not only for years to come but, ultimately, our very survival.

Recently, President Obama reminded an audience: “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

We are challenged, not only politicians, but every single one of us, with some solemn questions: Do I actually care? If so, how far am I willing to go and how much am I willing to give up?

Apart from indifference, the greatest obstacles to success are thinking you are too small to make any difference or believing all hope is lost.

I urge you to raise your eyes, to see yourself as precious to God and powerful in his hands, to mend and cherish his world. He will probably ask that you trust him to provide much that, at present, you keep for yourself, but he surely knows better than you what is in your long-term interests. Above all, do not lose heart.