THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Be still and know that He is God

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From time to time in our home groups we consider the aspect of prayer, concerning being still and seeking to hear God in the silence.

The Bible has much to say about this practise, known as meditation, which can be done singularly or collectively.

For some stillness and silence is welcome, for others it can be intimidating, menacing or even threatening for fear of where their minds might take them, choosing instead to fill their lives with constant activity. Even for those who choose to pause and reflect, it is often something that doesn’t come naturally.

In the Old Testament story of Elijah on Mount Horeb, the prophet stands in the entrance of a cave and within the silence experiences the “still small voice of God” as a whisper, which restores him. The literal translation from the Hebrew is: “The sound of silence.”

For many the concept of a relationship with God in this day and age is completely foreign.

However, stillness and silence are intended by God to be a regular part of our lives in which to experience Him and be regularly refreshed.

His invitation to each of us today, and every day, is to “be still and know that He is God”.

Pastor Kevin Taylor

South Holland Community Church, Spalding