THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Anti-Trident pilgrims walking through our county this weekend

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This weekend there is a pilgrimage coming through Lincolnshire, from Iona in the far northwest of Scotland en route to London.

After 600 miles on the road, on Sunday morning the pilgrims will leave Lincoln for Sleaford, Monday to Bourne, Tuesday to Peterborough, then onwards.

So why walk all that way nowadays? Isn’t going on a pilgrimage what religious people did in the middle ages?

Well yes, but this is a pilgrimage with a difference. These pilgrims have, through their prayers and work for peace and economic justice, come to believe that spending on weapons of war and particularly Trident missiles is wrong and wasteful, so they are taking their message from a place of prayer, Iona, to the centre of political power, London.

A wise man wrote in the last century that: “Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.” If God gives you an idea of how things could be and a yearning to see it happen then it is your job to see it through, and that could well involve rolling your sleeves up and putting your boots on, and getting stuck in.

Think of Moses, or Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and the task won’t be a pushover and you’ll probably get dirty and tired, but that is where God wants you.

The pilgrims would welcome anyone to join them on their journey, though get in touch first – Have a good journey!

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting