THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Always light at the end of the tunnel

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Some people were caught in a lift during a power cut. They experienced a nervous moment when the lift stopped in pitch darkness.

After a few minutes, one of the passengers remembered he carried a tiny spotlight on his key chain. What a relief from the most insignificant LED light!

When Jesus said: “I am the Light of the world” (John 8:12), He was pointing to the difference His presence brings when we are going through dark moments in life.

Dark times in life come to us all and make us feel like those caught up in the lift without power. In such moments our faith is called upon to trust in God, have the assurance there will be light at the end of the end of the tunnel.

That is the time we need to remember the saying “behind every cloud lies a silver lining”. In such moments famous sayings or passages from the Bible come to our help.

Are you going through some dark times? Maybe a hospital diagnosis, perhaps redundancy or even bereavement? Remember Psalm 23:4a, “even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil...!”

Rev Margaret Mwailu

Spalding Methodist Churches