Thought for the Week:All good gifts are sent from heaven

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Over the past few weeks I have attended a number of harvest festivals, where we give thanks for many things, from fruit and vegetables to those who make sure we have supplies in the many supermarkets and shops.

I had a holiday at the beginning of September and the weather was fantastic.

I spoke to a local man who told me their average rainfall for the year is five days.

Their water supply is from a desalutation plant or brought in from other islands. There is almost no fertile soil and the only crops growing are grape vines.

The wonderful cacti and palm trees grow in granular volcanic rock and can survive on the heavy morning dew. All that they need in the way of food and drink has to be imported from other countries.

How lucky we are as we have our gardens with a variety of vegetables and flowers. We see the crops growing in the fields and how freely the water flows.

Even in times of heavy rain and the lack of sunshine we have a lots to be thankful for.

Let us always remember: “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above; then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord, for all his love.”

Rev Barbara Hutchinson
Whaplode and Holbeach Fen