THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: A good story for Easter... and any other time of the year

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WHICH of us has not known disappointment, or been bewildered? And it is all the more difficult when you have had high hopes of a wonderful outcome.

Life has been coming together just fine, success is in the air, then…perhaps it’s a relationship, a new job, a promising child, whatever; and there you are, left all of a heap, wondering where it all went. That’s what Jesus’ death did for his friends: they had dreamed amazing dreams, imagined the unimaginable, dared to hope for heaven, but it all came to a bloody dead end dangling from a cross.

No wonder two of them decided to creep away home to Emmaus, probably to avoid being found guilty by association with a traitor, and just to lick their own wounds. That’s life, nasty, brutish and short. But – and this is what made all the difference – despite all their pain and fear, when a stranger joined them they did not shut him out or shut him up. They let him join them and let him tell them his own story, and that story showed everything in a wholly new light. And when they reached their home they took him in, too, and sat him down to share their meal, and then…….

I cannot really do it all justice in my own words, but you can find it in the Bible: Luke’s gospel, chapter 24 from verse 13. It’s a good story, well worth reading for Eastertime, and for any time.


Spalding Quaker Meeting