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Today – or perhaps a day or so on either side – is a very important date for maybe yourself and certainly lots of people around you.

Why? Because it is the start of a new school year. New kit, new classroom, new teacher, new subjects, for some new school, college or university. It is a scary time but also an exciting time. Your sleeves may be on the long side, the people around you may not be smiling like your old friends, algebra may not make sense at first, but hey! At least no-one’s laughing at you, and they’re probably feeling the same way, too.

New surroundings, new belongings, but what’s much more important, the chance of a new you. Last year you may well have messed up a bit, got it wrong or not got it at all, but now you can be starting afresh. The best thing a teacher can do today is to assure everyone that the past is the past, and, as it were, to hand out new, wiped slates.

Some people call God ‘the Great Teacher’. That normally means He is the one you can trust completely to inform, guide and lead you, and that can be very helpful. But as well as that He is the one who can wipe the slate clean, clearing away all the mistakes and rubbish and give you a brand new beginning: last year, last time around, last try is over.

Let’s try a new smile!

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting