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Remember to thank him for all his wonderful gifts

Living in a small village in rural Lincolnshire, it is easy to forget that life is far more hectic for people in the cities and larger towns of our country.

Being the start of the summer holiday period, we see the traffic build-up on the A17 each year, and may resent the intrusion of all these people just passing through in cars, coaches and caravans. Some stopping to buy a meal perhaps or some fruit or vegetables, but many just intent on getting to their destination.

Our journey times increase as the traffic becomes denser, but if we really think about it, we know that it is only temporary, and in another three months things will go back to normal.

But not for the city or large town dweller. Their roads are always busy, parking is at a premium and getting ever more expensive.

So rather than curse the delays we may face, why not pray for safe travelling, and that they will enjoy their holiday and the change of air and location, if only for a short time?

When we get hot under the collar about these things we miss seeing the beauty that is all around us. God created a wonderful world for us to care for and to enjoy.

Let us remember to thank him for all of the gifts he showers upon us every minute of every day.

Pastor Ross A Dean

Fleet and Sutton St James Baptist Churches