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Thanks to a generous legacy, we have work going on to make a new entrance and to level the floor at the back of St Mary and St Nicolas church. Last week, new paving was put down. The stone was cut from the quarry at Ancaster. It is a hard white limestone made of tiny grains of shell, coral and skeletons of marine creatures. It is the first times for 165 million years that these have seen the light of day. Slowly, as the stone reacts with oxygen in the air, it has begun to turn to a warm straw colour.

The church has stood for nearly 730 years (for more than a third of the history of Christianity), but that is only the blink of an eye compared with the time that the stone has been lying dormant, while the landscape around it has changed beyond all recognition.

Every moment is precious, but if we can step back sometimes and take the long view, then maybe our perspective will change. We might then put some of our energy into things that will last beyond our own short lives and ensure that something good continues after we have gone.

Rev John Bennett

St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding