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TODAY is Ascension Thursday, the day when Jesus Christ vacated this world to return to his Father in heaven, leaving his disciples on a hillside, amazed, somewhat crestfallen and very dispirited.

Losing someone close and dear to you is never a situation that is easy to cope with.

Whether through death, immigration to foreign parts or marriage of one’s children, there is a void, an emptiness that is difficult to fill.

The Apostles of course were to be re-invigorated and renewed in spirit some ten days later on the feast of Pentecost. On that day Christ kept his promise to them by sending down his Holy Spirit.

What about us? Is there a Pentecost experience in store for us if we are left forlorn. Happily, yes, for Christ also promised us that he would not leave us orphans. “Behold,” he said, “I am with you always until the end of time.”

In sickness or in health, in said times or in happy times, we need to remain in communication with Jesus Christ through our prayer life. He will not fail us in our hour of need.


St Norbert’s Roman Catholic Church, Spalding