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May Day was celebrated this week and it is traditionally associated with agriculture and farming.

It falls before Rogationtide when the church gives thanks for the first appearance of new crops and the promise of a good harvest. Traditionally prayers were said and songs sung from the church towers on May Day. During these last seven months when the weather has been difficult we all have a timely reminder of the problems of farming. For the farmers they will be struggling to survive economically. The consequences to us will be higher prices for our food especially as imported food will increase to supply what we expect to be on our supermarket shelves. 200 years ago the recorded weather was similar and the consequences were more dramatic resulting in starvation for many. The developing world still suffers in this way to day. Christian Aid week will be soon and it’s an opportunity for all of us to support those directly affected by famine and shortage of crops in the developing countries. However difficult the weather may be and whaever the impact it has on our lives we need to be mindful of the glory of and wonder of nature and the glory and wonder of God the creator.


St Mary’s Church, Long Sutton