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A new start is always possible

I meet many people who tell me that they don’t go to church, but they live by Christian values. By definition, those values come from the life and teaching of Jesus. This week Christians around the world are remembering the final days of his life and what they believe happened after he was dead and buried.

The Christian values that Jesus showed were compassion for people who were suffering or in need, courage to challenge those who thought they were superior to live up to what they claimed, and honesty and integrity in every aspect of his own life. In his death he did not show self-pity, or a desire for revenge against those who killed him.

As a way of living it has a lot to commend it; Christians should want to be like Jesus. The problem is that in lots of ways they are not, which is why Christian faith says we need to change and we cannot do it without God.

The Cross symbolises the belief that God loves and forgives everyone, and that, in raising Jesus from the dead, he promised a new start is possible, however bad things seem.

John Bennett

Vicar of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding