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IF you watch any sport on TV, there is often that pause before the deciding moment. Just think of tennis players serving at Wimbledon at match point, or great footballers preparing to take a penalty in a cup final. The pause helps their play.

Christians call these 40 days before Easter Lent. When I was a child, I thought of Lent as a time when my dad use to give up sugar in tea and coffee.That can be a good thing but more than that Lent is a time when we can pause, when we can wait, quiet and poised, before we take our next step. In this Olympic year, why not take some time out just to have some thinking time?

Someone told me recently that people who go to church live longer. If only I could prove that, perhaps we would have even more people joining us on Sundays. But perhaps it is pointing to this truth – that taking time out to be quiet, thinking over what we have done and being calm does actually increase our well-being.

Pausing for just a little could change our lives this Lent. Why not try it yourself?


Vicar of St John’s

Spalding with Deeping

St Nicholas and Chap

lain, Johnson Commu-

nity Hospital