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I once heard of a lady who led a very orderly life. All her affairs were tidy and up to date, so much so that last thing every evening, after she had put the cat out and heated her Horlicks, she made sure that her will and bank book were in place on the kitchen table, just in case.

Let’s not get depressed about it: there is no avoiding the inevitable, so it is entirely appropriate for this paper to carry news and letters about encouraging people to make or update their wills for charity, a possible new crematorium at Surfleet or a possible “green burial site” at Crowland.

If we sort our ideas and plans about the end of our life well ahead and tell everyone who needs to know what we think and what we have arranged, then we can get on with living. It’s not depressing, simply realistic.

The lady herself was no more morbid than anyone else; probably less so because every new morning was a bonus to enjoy.

And perhaps I could add a thought of my own about “green burials”.

They are a new idea and some people may be wary, but just imagine the pleasure and blessing for our descendants from seeing a beautiful meadow or magnificent trees growing where we have been buried.

I’d prefer that to a puff of smoke. Now, there’s an idea for my family!


Spalding Quaker