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DO you have an Advent calendar in your home? If you have children I am sure they will have remembered to open the first door today and begun counting the days to Christmas.

Advent means ‘coming’, and Advent calendar is one more way of reminding us that Christmas is coming. Like so much else they have become ever more elaborate over the years. I can remember the disapproving comments made by my elders and betters when calendars started to include chocolate. Nowadays, parents may be pestered into buying calendars with a toy for every day (Lego Star Wars is one I have seen this year, costing over £40!).

To my mind nothing beats the simplicity of a traditional card calendar which shows a little bit more of the story of the birth of Jesus day by day right up to Christmas Eve.

Whatever else we do in preparing for Christmas, whether we are the sort of person who gets stressed over everything that has to be planned and organised, or someone who just enjoys having fun in the festive season, it is good to take a little time to remember who and what we are celebrating: the ‘coming’ of Christ.


Vicar of St Mary and St Nicolas,

Spalding, and priest in charge of St

Paul’s, Spalding