This project delivers a much-needed youth facility and affordable housing

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Mr wiseman, with regard to your letter about the Pennyhill football academy.

It is unfortunate that in these austere times a different approach has to be taken to deliver something that will be of benefit to the whole community.

In 2008 John and Ashley King purchased the redundant Pennyhill nursery site with the intention of laying it to grass and creating much-needed playing fields for the local youth football teams.

Unfortunately the funding avenues for these type of projects have disappeared, although the current politicians would have you believe different.

What Ashley King has done is find a way to kickstart the delivery of a much-needed facility for Holbeach on a piece of land that will require a lot of work to get it back in use, whilst also providing much-needed affordable housing.

You obviously do not have any understanding of how the youth football set-up is within the town.

We have teams from the age of under six right through to under 18. Every Sunday we have to play matches as far afield as Holbeach St Marks.

What we hope will come from the application is that we provide a permanent base for our youth set-up that can ensure the children of Holbeach and the surrounding areas are able to engage in football.

The proximity of the pitch to the town is ideal and can and most probably will be used by the school as well.

Should you wish to see what can be achieved with a positive attitude then go to Wisbech St Mary’s youth team ground – new housing and a fantastic facility are close together and it works.

Let’s see the bigger picture – it’s a win for the youth of Holbeach and the people who need housing. Believe me there is a long way to go for the facility to become a reality.


Holbeach United FC Youth