This positive project should be a boost for the local economy

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Firstly I say: “At last, some positive news for our market town to take Spalding and it’s community into 2012 with some hope”.

If the plans turn into reality such development should encourage people to support the retailers in Spalding instead of going further afield because of the lack of scope in the town centre.

With the right balance this project should be a boost for our local economy with new outlets supporting the current units and the market traders in the town centre.

Secondly, my thoughts have been with the current layout of Holland Market.

If the original design had catered for the retail units to face the town centre and Swan Street the development would have encompassed the other facilities.

Swan Street could have been made into a pedestrian shopping area allowing traffic to flow around the centre from the north approach from Pinchbeck Road.

Also included in the report were plans to include the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field, the home to Spalding United Football Club.

I can recall the leader of South Holland District Council, Gary Porter, ruling out the rumours of another supermarket project here because the economy was not suitable. I think we already have the right balance of supermarkets in the town, with Sainbury’s expansion project supporting the area quite well.

Overall I certainly welcome Mark Stanton, head of economic development at South Holland District Council, and his comments on working together.

Let’s hope the project will be well supported and the council can deliver for the town’s long-term future and for the benefit of all concerned – the public.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road