This is the time of year for changing and moving on

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Thought For THe Week

We think about a new year as being a time for change and moving on, I often feel though, that this time of year is more about change and moving on, than the 1st of January.

Children and young people have moved up classes, or even onto a new school or college, or even onto work.

The weather is changing and getting colder, the nights are drawing in, the leaves on the trees are changing colour, the fields are changing as the harvest has been gathered in, even we ourselves have changed maybe a few more grey hairs, few more laughter lines.

Change is something that seems to happen daily, and some things we don’t always have a choice over, other things we have the choice to change them ourselves.

In the life of a Church changes are always happening, even we may not notice them, it may be new people coming into Church, other changes may be out of necessity, because we do not have the people or finances to do the things we used to, or someone simply has a fresh idea.

Change may not always be welcome but I feel as a Christian that it helps our Faith journey, we may not like what happens, but if we understand why that is, it helps us to move on in our Christian lives, so give change a chance you never know you may like it, and grow in Faith,

Revd Robert Sheard

Spalding United Reformed Church