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Enough is Enough, and not just with our street drinkers but with the council and police’s ideas to tackle it.

down what was once a lovely riverside setting of trees and bushes.

We all know the area (High Bridge) and why this was being done?– Drinkers and rough sleepers living in there.But why oh why do the council and police feel this is the answer ?

Local wildlife is now effected, local beauty is now effected.Why do they see that a quick

fix removal of bushes, and four benches along the riverside, will actually make any headway on the anti social behaviour?

Locals are being punished all the time. So to the council and police, actually look at dealing with the offenders and not go

about demolishing our town for goodness sake.

And to the police, please do something about the daily sight of drinkers on those benches by the twin bridges. My kids really do not deserve to see drunken louts on going to school and when coming home. Do not remove the benches, merely tackle and remove the issues .

Mrs A Rainworth