They’ve got it right in Norfolk

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Following recent correspondence and articles concerning green waste collections, I would like to point out that in Norfolk householders can choose to have a brown bin for their green waste for £39 a year.

That seems very reasonable, given the savings in fuel costs that otherwise go on driving around South Holland to take one’s green waste to Spalding.

Let us hope, however, that Coun Webb’s assertions (February 20) over the “fruitful negotiations” with Lincolnshire County Council will indeed result in continued provision of the skips.

My lawn mowing has already started and I have a heap of grass cuttings. Please don’t let Coun Porter reiterate his “composting” mantra; it’s becoming a little tiresome by now. Maybe he just wants to sell compost bins?

Michael D Mitchell

Strawberry Fields Drive

Holbeach St Marks