They should look at petrol prices too

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I have recently changed my electric supplier. I was paying £35 monthly by direct debit then I received a letter to say it was going up to £68 per month. After a sleepless night I changed suppliers.

Gary Porter’s idea is OK for a mass change-over if you are a dual-fuel user. My new supplier is offering me £40 discount after 12 months. If I had been gas and electric (dual-fuel) it would have been £100.

I am a pensioner and like many others living in rural areas, there is no gas supply, so apart from my electric bill, I have to pay for oil £350 for 500 litres.

Living in a rural area buses are few and far between so petrol for the car is a must.

If council leader Gary Porter can find a solution to reduce oil and petrol prices he would be helping everyone, business and domestic users alike.

Next time his local government association meets with government big wigs, the oil price should be discussed as well.

I wait in anticipation.


Gosberton Risegate