They always help unload our car and they never moan

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Whilst totally agreeing with the fact that altering the opening hours has made a huge difference to the delays you now have to endure every time you go to the tip, especially when everyone gets rid of quite a lot of rubbish all through the summer months, I disagree with the remarks made about the staff working at the tip.

Every time my husband and I have had to go, which has been quite a lot at the moment, we have always found the staff very helpful and friendly.

They always come and help us unload the car as we pull into whichever section of the tip we need to be at and they never moan about doing it.

I don’t know if we have always been lucky when we have gone to the tip but I thought it would be nice to give a positive side as well as a down side just to let the staff know that there are some people who appreciate the work they do.

Sue Tucker

St Johns Road