These projects are nothing but eyesores

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REGARDING Long Sutton energy efficient park.

So £750,000 of taxpayers’ and community charge money is going into this project. I for one do not want any of my money put into this eyesore. There are many things need doing in Long Sutton so why waste money?

I expect the community charge will have to increase also to pay for this.

The building may be efficient but what an eyesore. Approach Long Sutton from Gedney Road and this partly-built site looks like something left over from the war.

Exit Long Sutton on Bridge Road and on your left is Unity Gardens, another Jerry Harrall project with green eco houses piled up at the sides with earth – another total eyesore. These buildings are ugly and a total mess.

I thought new builds should fit in with the surroundings, I think not.

If Jerry Harrall wants it, let him pay.


Long Sutton