There’s no hope for the river bank with this sort of thing going on

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I am SO pleased that you ran the front page article on the “River of Rubbish” in the Spalding Guardian last week.

I’ve written to South Holland District Council only this week as everything goes into the River Welland – as your front page photograph shows.

But there’s more... our offices are situated alongside the River Welland. Some while ago we planted some perennial geraniums alongside our office wall.

These soon self seeded alongside the water’s edge and every summer give a wonderful spectacular display of bright pink flowers, a sight to behold.

Almost similar to the wild cranesbill flowers that you see alongside the roadside in counties in the West country – they are SO attractive.

But this week the grand reaper (the council lawnmowerman) cometh, complete with strimmer and cuts the whole lot back along with the grass, and yes the spectacular array of now wild geraniums all go into the river and floats away as debris – so what hope is there for the river bank? None.

It illustrates clearly the value put on keeping the river bank attractive, even by those responsible for its appearance.


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