There must be a better location for crematorium

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The businessmen submitting plans for the new crematorium are hoping to attract people from a large catchment area, including South of Boston and Bourne.

The application specifically mentions Glenside South as the route to the site so this additional traffic will travel though Pinchbeck.

The developers state: “If 933 cremations were transferred from Boston to Surfleet, and all the mourners came from Spalding, this would generate an annual reduction of 348,942 car miles.”

Using the developers’ figures of 933 cremations per year with an average of 16 vehicles per cremation, this would result in 29,856 vehicles based on two journeys – ie attending and leaving.

At least 50 per cent of mourners will attend the crematorium on at least one more occasion, meaning a total of around 45,000 vehicles.

If these 933 cremations came from Spalding as per planning application there is no doubt that the majority of this traffic would travel through Pinchbeck and Surfleet.

The application also states that these figures are likely to increase to 986 cremations by 2016 and over 1,000 by 2021.

I can understand the requirement for a new crematorium, but a stretch of B road which has seen multiple fatal road traffic accidents cannot be the correct location.

Approved sites in Alford and March are both situated along A routes. There must be a more suitable location somewhere along the A16.

Part of the reason for the Spalding bypass was to reduce this village traffic. Are we now going to consider approving plans to increase traffic in our villages?

Barry Gardner