There are other roads that he could go down

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In response to Coun Steve Mackman’s letter, (Spalding Guardian, February 9) I must say I fully agree with him – the roads are some of the worst in the county plus there’s potential accidents waiting to happen.

As we all know, until someone puts pressure on The Highways Department they don’t make decisions.

But to say as a parish councillor: “I’m very sorry, I cannot do any more,” is in my opinion a defeatist attitude.

Mr Mackman, in your position there are other channels to follow.

I’m sure you being a parish councillor you should know the next steps in your procedure. Every committee has these written down.

If that does not work revert to the last resort by inviting your local MP John Hayes down to look at the problems.

He should not be too busy at the moment – we have no garden fetes or outdoor activities to open or attend and the next general election is months away.

I’m sure John will take up your offer of a meeting with you and your fellow Whaplode parish councillors to tour the area’s roads and discuss this ongoing problem with his ideas of moving the problem forward.

DAVID Barfoot

Shepeau Stow