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With the recent formation of the Spalding Immigration Issues group on Facebook, I think it’s important that we do not become so tied up in this single issue subject that we start to overlook or become complacent about other very important grass roots issues in Spalding.

Surely one of the best ways to keep the town alive and vibrant is quite simply to use it.

I’ve heard many residents say they have stopped using the town centre because they no longer find it welcoming, but the more we follow this trend the less welcoming it will become.

We still have an array of local businesses struggling to survive, from retail to public houses, and we shouldn’t abandon them.

It doesn’t mean anyone has to bury their heads in the sand about problems. In fact, much the opposite, to resort to the resilience of community spirit and refuse to let our local businesses continue disappearing year by year by simply using them is one of the most effective steps we can take to secure the future of the town.

Attention, energy and resources are needed to protect our care homes from closure, to campaign for amenities for our town’s youth, ensure our elderly and those who are unable to afford their own transport do not become isolated through poor public transport services, taking interest in development proposals to ensure local businesses are protected.

These are just a few examples and ultimately we should be ensuring we regain our passionate sense of community spirit as these are all issues that if controlled will bind the town together and place more inclination on South Holland District Council to also reawaken its sense of compassion for the town rather than locking horns with it in a stalemate that creates resentment on both sides.

It is us as residents who need to set the example for the council to follow by showing our passion for all grass roots issues.

Adam McVeigh

Algers Walk