The shop walls must be covered with diamonds

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After reading your report on the council meeting relating to Red Lion fiasco, it’s amazing to learn that it’s just the shop, we are told, that is the ‘white elephant’.

One can only but wonder just how many millions that’s cost and but wonder if the walls are embedded with diamonds as the current cost of a bag of sprouts is not that high.

The overall picture as presented seems to be a case of nobody is to blame, nobody knew anything untoward, didn’t allow common sense to interfere and so the parallels between this and the WW2 Nuremberg Trials are uncanny as then those in question said they knew nothing, and their best excuse collectively was they were all ‘acting under orders’.

Be nice if everybody connected with it, allowing for any further bulk ‘resignations’ in the interim, were given a space in this newspaper to express what they did in supporting or otherwise the Red Lion in their own words, ranging from two or more to say three hundred, so we may judge who did what – but that is hoping for a lot I know.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End