The problems are everywhere

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OH yes! We have definitely had enough but the problem is not contained to Abbey Path.

My family and I live in Chapel Lane and we also have an ongoing issue with drinkers, dealers and addicts. These people are intimidating as they gather in groups and are often extremely drunk. They also throw their rubbish on the floor or prop empty beer cans on any available ledge they can find.

You also find groups of people drinking in Swan Street (near the waste land adjoining Mulberrys). I often return from work to witness men urinating in the street and we have seen human excrement in the alleyway itself. It’s disgusting!

As for Savers selling alcohol, not a great idea for a shop that is known for toiletries and cleaning products – but what about all the Eastern European stores selling cheap booze and cigarettes, who is monitoring them?

It’s time we stood up for ourselves!