The police should carry out random checks on cyclists

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I WRITE following my letter in the Lincolnshire Free Press on December 13 regarding cyclists and motorists and the response from David Jones, Pedals chairman, in the Spalding Guardian on December 29.

He asks: “What solutions do I suggest?”

Okay. Random checks by the police or some other responsible body with authority.

These to be carried out over a full day if possible with the press and a councillor in attendance and full coverage to be produced of all tickets issued in the local press.

These checks to be carried out throughout the area as and when bodies are available. I would bet on an immediate improvement.

These checks to be aimed not just at cyclists but at motorists who think that they can now park anywhere they like for as long as they like plus drive at any speed they like.

“What evidence do I have of my comments being relevant,” David asks. Well, when walking to town via the riverbank and Pinchbeck Road it is plain for all to see.

As for cycling laws, on the continent they are accepted and appear to work. But like most other laws and restrictions, over here they get ignored because they are not followed up once the print is dry on the paperwork.

I fully support cycleways, but just wish more use was made of them... and ordinary footpaths should be for pedestrians, not used as a racetrack by any wheeled vehicles.

Derek Sands

Oakley Drive