The organisers tried this year, but it’s still not good enough

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IT is with regret that I say the flower festival has declined, and something has to be done to get it back as it was.

We need to show people that come into Spalding we are open for business.

Why not divert the parade from the town centre and fill the town with market stalls Saturday and Sunday? We need the people that come into Spalding to spend and have a good time.

The town is dead on a Saturday morning before the parade and after the parade, and on a Sunday it is like a ghost town. Everything is down at Springfields.

Also, we also need entertainment at night within the town. We need to get our act together if there is to be a flower parade in Spalding: act now parade organisers or that will be the end.

I now come to Victoria Street that they want to turn it into a flower garden. Would this be the end of Roger Tuby and his parade-day fair or are they thinking of putting that at Springfields too?

It’s now time for all to pull together on the flower festival. Yes the organisers have tried this year but it’s still not good enough.

There is the will in Spalding... now let’s use that will and improve Spalding. Let’s show the tourists we can put a flower festival on... and let’s get the town busy again.

paul woods

Thames Road