The most colourful, imaginative and entertaining parade in years

This year's flower parade was a colourful affair.
This year's flower parade was a colourful affair.
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SATURDAY’S Flower Parade has to go down in the records as one of the most colourful, imaginative and entertaining in recent years.

Events like this don’t happen by themselves, and a huge amount of work has been done by Kenyon Communications.

As a volunteer member of the operations team, it has been my responsibility to manage the movement of floats before, during and after the parade. This would not have been possible without the float drivers, tractor drivers and marshals. The knowledge and experience they have gathered through many years of volunteer service makes my job all the easier.

I would like to apologise to both visitors and residents who may have been disappointed by the late cancellation of the finale. We had to make the decision to abandon it as the ground was just too wet.

Our ‘Plan B’ went into operation for the first time in 54 years, dispersing the parade in Pinchbeck Road. Unfortunately, there were short hold-ups for traffic as a result, for which I apologise.

There will always be those who think that it is clever to criticise the parade. Of course it isn’t like it was 30 or so years ago, nothing is. So why not accept that and volunteer to help next year. Come up with some ideas, join in, be part of Spalding’s greatest day of the year. Be proud of what a team of dedicated people can do for a small market town. I’m proud of my ops team. Thanks a million everyone.

Adrian Jansen

Parade Operations Team