The day of the parish council is long gone

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I have read with interest the letter written by Mr Turp regarding his thoughts about parish councils.

I would like to congratulate him on his comments and would agree wholeheartedly with his suggestions that changes are needed to put parish councils right.

I too have been on the “inside” of these mysterious workings and can confirm that there are indeed more than a few councillors who seem to be in it for their own glorification rather than for the benefit of the ratepayer who has elected them.

Perhaps it is this “reputation” that deters the much-needed business people from coming forward at election time.

The day of the parish council is long gone and there must be changes to ensure that the people who are accountable for spending our money are fit to do so, which, as is reported so many times in our local press, is obviously not always the case.

The total sum of money distributed to some of these councils is a very large amount for a largely unqualified group to administer and whilst some councillors undoubtedly try to do the best for their parishioners, there are always a few bad apples who do not have a clue how to run a successful business and are not there for the right reasons.

The fact that parish councillors are volunteers is no excuse for their unrepresentative and unaccountable behaviour; if they are not prepared to be transparent and earn the respect and trust of their electorate then this basic level of governance should be disbanded immediately.



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