The council has acted unlawfully in this sale

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I refer to the news article headed “Lessons learned” on page two of last Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

I would point out that in absolving the very highly paid “managers” of South Holland District Council and their political masters from any “fault”/responsibility for wasting over six million pounds of tax payers’ money the auditor has also absolved SHDC of unlawful behaviour in disposing the development at less than full market value.

The law governing expenditure by local authorities requires all assets to be disposed of at full market value, which clearly has not happened in this particular case.

There are some exemptions to this overriding requirement but none of them apply to this particular disposal.

Therefore the council has acted unlawfully in disposing of the development at less than full market value.

I have already lodged a formal complaint with the Audit Commission.

My complaint (in addition to the above) is also against the overall nonsensical decision of the auditor as reported, which flies in the face of the auditors’ overall responsibility for safeguarding the way councils use tax payers’ money.

The council has a long and proven history of failures in this respect – therefore the auditor has no grounds whatsoever on which to base his conclusion that “lessons have been learnt”.


Retired solicitor

Pinstock Lane