THANKS: You were all so very kind after accident

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I would like to thank the following people who came to my assistance on the evening of Thursday, November 6, when I tripped and fell in Broad Street car park, near the footpath exit on to Broad Street.

Firstly, the lady in green who helped my husband to make me a little more comfortable and who later returned to make sure I had medical help.

Secondly, the manageress and staff at South Holland Centre nearby, who allowed the ambulance paramedic and myself access to their facilities to assess my injuries and for the welcome cups of tea to both the paramedic and my rather shocked husband.

Thirdly, the wonderful paramedic – I only know he lives in Bourne – who was on duty in Spalding that evening and attended my considerable needs and then transported me to Lincoln Hospital accident and emergency department.

Thank you also to the many friends in the car park on their way to the association meeting that my husband and I were due to attend that evening.

Thank you all, I am slowly improving.

Elizabeth Jex