Thanks to your support we’ve helped many local charities

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As we enter the closing weeks of 2013, The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding wishes to pass on our very sincere thanks and gratitude to the many and various groups who have invited us to play for them this year.

We do not charge any set fee to perform, but do accept donations; these donations are then distributed to local charities and good causes in the South Holland area.

Previously we have donated approximately £1,000 each year, divided amongst care homes, churches, charity shops, volunteer self-help groups and many more.

This year, due to the warmth and generosity of our hosts and audiences, I am delighted to say that the Orchestra has been able to donate not only £1,300 to almost 20 local good causes including the Butterfly

Hospice, Women’s Aid (South Holland), Sue Ryder and Lincs Air Ambulance, but also, after a unanimous vote at rehearsal last Thursday, £700 to the Philippines Disaster Appeal.

Any money we have donated is as a direct result of the kindness and support of hundreds of people who have been so generous, (with their comments and cash!), during 2013. We thank you most sincerely, and are already looking forward to performing for many of you next year; we already have 50 bookings for 2014, so hopefully we can continue to enjoy ourselves whilst trying to provide a small amount of help to various caring groups in our wonderful community.

Many, many thanks again!!

John Baguley

Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding