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Recently the committee of the Holbeach Town & Country Fayre were pleased to donate £1,400 at a presentation event to local causes and organisations who helped to stage this year’s weekend event in June.

The show attracted many people both local and from afar from those taking part to visitors and included our now world famous fun arena events involving cabbages and onions going global.

So could I on behalf of the committee as newly-elected chairman offer our since thanks to everybody who supported us in this event and grateful thanks to outgoing chairman David Allwood for his hard work in the past. Due to pressure of work and other commitments he has stepped down but will be on hand when possible in future events. Also a very special mention to Ashley King for his kind loan of the field used for the event weekend plus supplying behind the scenes facilities and staff members in order to make the event possible and we look forward to seeing everybody at next year’s event.

Andrew French

Chair, Holbeach Town

& County Fayre