Thanks central to worship

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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Alan Barker of Holbeach Methodist Church

St Luke (17:11-19) has the story of ten people who were miraculously healed of an awfully contagious disease.

Just one, who happened to be a foreigner, returned to say ‘thank you’. Jesus was surprised. “Where are the other nine?” he asked.

It’s all too easy for the majority to take benefits and blessings for granted. A word of thanks acknowledges the help of others. It recognises that life binds us together in human community. None of us has got to where we are alone.

So thanks are central to Christian worship. The sacrament in which bread and wine are shared is often referred to as ‘the Eucharist’ – derived from a Greek word meaning ‘thanksgiving’.

Worshippers recall how, as he took bread, Christ gave thanks. They celebrate God’s blessings, past, present and future.

That said, gratitude isn’t just for church. A popular song says ‘Count your blessings, name them one by one’.

Here’s a positive approach towards life and other people which can give us all a lift. A call centre worker recently echoed Luke’s story, telling how a customer had made her day.

With a smile, she said: “The majority of calls are complaints but today somebody rang in especially to say ‘thank you’.”