Thank you to the Flying Egg!

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My family would like to thank Roz Smith of Weston Parish First Responders for all the hard work, time and effort she has put in during the last seven years.

We know this lady personally and we know she has been out in all weathers, 24 hours-a-day, covering every area possible.

She was known to the paramedics as the Flying Egg because of her yellow car and many a time she would be leaving one call out and the control room would then ask her to go to another incident on her way home, hence the Flying Egg.

This lady is exceptional and has helped hundreds of people in desperate situations over the years.

I don’t think we realise in this county how vital and valuable First Responders are.

I have had to use 999 twice in the last ten years, and I cannot thank the First Responders enough for being there, as the last time the ambulance wait was 45 minutes.

This volunteer service is amazing and all the First Responders in the whole of the county deserve a big thank you from us all.

They are all unpaid heroes. Please support them as much as you can and if anyone wants to volunteer please call 01507 525999 or go to the website

We wish Roz all the best in her retirement from being a Responder.

Ann Pell

Chaucer’s Way