Thank you so much for brilliant £24,000 given to Poppy Appeal

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One of the more pleasant aspects of the Honorary Poppy Appeal Organiser’s job is the regularity that the experience restores one’s faith in humanity.

Right from the little old lady, who almost certainly had first-hand experience of major conflict and its consequences, rifling through her purse for change she can possibly ill afford, through to the menacing-looking teenager handing over a fiver with his comment “well it’s fer the boys, innit?’”

It never ceases to amaze me that the people of this area hold the services and what they have done, are doing and will continue to do so in such very high esteem.

This last Remembrance tide readers may recall my heartfelt plea for more volunteers to help in any way possible and I’m pleased to say that a good few of you did so and for that I must thank you all.

This year we were also given permission to sell Poppies in-store by Reinhard Biehler and Nigel Wallis, of Baytree Nurseries; this was extremely successful and boosted the Appeal fund by in excess of £2,000. The welcome we received from them and the rest of Baytree’s staff was nothing short of superb – a huge thank you to you.

Sainsbury’s store was again the biggest single collection point contributing over £6,100 in that fortnight and again their hospitality was to its usual high standard – many thanks to them.

Although we lost a few shops this year from Springfields and the town I am pleased to say that the collection did not suffer too badly and to date the Spalding branch of the RBL’s contribution to the Poppy Appeal is £24,039.48. So thank you to all the shops, stores, pubs, clubs etc who so loyally support us.

The biggest thanks go to all the volunteers, the coordinators, the deliverers and collectors from Bakkavor but most of all – you, the general public, who so generously gave to the appeal – what a lovely lot you are!

We now have a further ten months to overtake last year’s total of £25,343. With your help it can be done – expect regular reminders from me!

Peter Lyon

Honorary Poppy Appeal Organiser Spalding branch, RBL