Thank you all, and well done Spalding

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On behalf of the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding, may I express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone concerned with the organisation and running of the 2012 Spalding Flower Parade.

The hard work put in by the organisers, marshals, stewards, technicians and all the other helpers made our task as participants a lot easier than we had anticipated.

The prospect of playing our ukuleles and singing, in cold weather, non-stop for two hours, was fairly daunting, but our fears were groundless.

The support outlined above was more than matched by the enthusiasm and encouragement of the magnificent Spalding public, and meant that every one of the 23 members of our group on the float, whose ages range from 14 to 76, said afterwards that they had enjoyed a fabulous afternoon. Thank you, and well done Spalding.

John Baguley


Ukulele Orchestra of


PS Special thanks to Charlie Cherry, surely Spalding’s smoothest tractor/float driver.