Take something up for Lent

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The gift of our time is actually one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us and it is how we use the time allocated to us that defines us.

Giving up some of our time to spend with other people is a precious thing, so maybe when that window of time unexpectedly opens up, we could use the opportunity to get in touch with someone – make that phone call, send that email, write that letter or go and see them.

It may not always take a lot of effort but we do not always get around to some of the most important things in life – like committing ourselves to Jesus.

Lent begins on February 18 and this is a time when people make a sacrifice and give up something until Easter in order to empathise with Jesus’ suffering.

This Lent, why not consider sacrificially taking up something that you do not usually do and spending time on something that may not be easy for you but will really make a difference to those around you. Go on and give it a go – you know you want to! God bless you!

Rev Tony Kinnersley

Pinchbeck Baptist Church