TAILBACKS: Time traffic planners took action

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At last somebody else has noticed that there are significant delays along Winsover Road which cannot be fairly attributed to Network Rail and the level crossing.

It is plainly obvious, or should be to anybody who has sat in the traffic queues, that most of these are due to the over-indulgence in traffic lights in the town centre.

Try coming out of St Thomas’ Road and it will become glaringly obvious that nobody seems to give any consideration to other motorists as the junction is frequently blocked by drivers travelling north on Winsover Road who have been frustrated by the lights ahead of them. One solution could be to extend the yellow box to cover the entire road, giving everybody a fair chance of moving. The current box is on the side of the road, serving no sensible purpose unless the level crossing is closed.

Try turning right from Station Street when the traffic lights have decided that the use of a filter is an unnecessary luxury. I cannot count the number of times that the filter has just not appeared, resulting in traffic stranded in the middle of the junction. Or what about the drivers who turn right into Winsover Road when there is nowhere for them to go because of the queue of traffic tailing back from the St Thomas Road lights and also effectively block the junction.

I know the powers-that-be have tried many things in that area but D Mead’s suggestion of mini roundabouts is radical but feasible. It does seem that whenever the traffic lights are out of action then traffic actually flows. Isn’t it time that the traffic planners really assessed the chaotic situation and did something that might work?

Mark Loosemore

via email