Sweet dreams Jennifer

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I was reading the Spalding Guardian of October 11, and saw the tributes to Jennifer Chappel.

I only knew Jennifer for a short while. Myself and Sally Bez were given the honour of looking after Jennifer in the last few weeks of her life (palliative care).

We went to see her three times a day. She was a kind and graceful lady who deserved to live a little longer but sadly cancer took hold. We gave her loads of TLC and made her life more manageable. All three of us became quite close.

She slept a lot but she knew when we were there. She gave us lots of smiles and even laughed at a couple of my jokes, which we all thought was funny.

I can remember one afternoon an advert came on the TV so I started to sing along with it (Let’s Go Fly a Kite). She was asleep but she woke up and looked wide eyed at me as if to say “she can sing”, and gave me such a big grin. With her being a music teacher it was funny.

All in all it was a pleasure to have known Jennifer. She never ever complained even when she was uncomfortable.

Sally and I called her our little star, as she took everything in her stride. A brave lady.

Sweet dreams Jennifer and rest in peace.

Tracey Baxter

Fulney Avenue