Sutton Bridge: Shame on you for criticism

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In response to the letter from Brandon-King in relation to the proposed marina.

We as directors of the Nene Marine CIC are astounded that he feels the public arena is the correct place to criticise an employee of the Lincolnshire County Council.

We are sure after working closely with Mr Wheatley that he is more than qualified to oversee the Nene Marine Project or he would not have been appointed.

During our dealings with him we have found him to be professional, diligent, intelligent and hard working.

Mr Brandon-King cannot see the economic development opportunities that the marina could bring as well as the added benefit of enhancing the quality of life for the parish and it environs.

He would rather support the proposed incinerator that will not only be a blot on the landscape but will devalue property, have possible health risks, an incessant movement of HGV vehicles and will bring very little to the local economy.

The directors of Nene Marine CIC are former members of the parish council and former clerk to the council who are delivering a project they have worked on for 14 years and have never claimed any expenses for and donated a lot of time and effort to.

We have no other agenda other than bringing something worthwhile to the area we live in.

We have been criticised openly by Mr Brandon-King many times and have always risen above his ill informed ranting but we will not stand by and allow the criticism of employees of the council who are unable to respond and to undermine a project that is above board and sustainable .

Shame on you Mr Brandon-King.

Karen Treacher

Long Sutton

Jenny Rowe

Sutton Bridge