SUTTON BRIDGE MARINA: What planet do they sleep on at night?

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I refer to the article ‘Land ownership delays marina’ in the Spalding Guardian of December 6.

This background to the marina at Sutton Bridge has not only been highly suspect; but now becomes almost a joke. Surely anyone with any common sense would have found out who owns the land on which they want to build a marina, before “ ... the considerable investment of public money”?

I notice that Messrs Jee and Brown are still peddling the absurd claims that “.. it will provide a huge boost to the local economy” and “...spin-offs could be as much as £200,000 a year.” What planet do they go to sleep on at night?

The Sutton Bridge Parish Council asked to see the promised up-dated business plan. Has it been provided?

The issue of the Articles of Association of Nene Marine CIC Ltd, not being compliant with the CIC guidelines was raised months ago. Has the Parish Council been offered a copy of the new Articles? Have they actually been re-written to comply with the CIC regulations?

To provide the transparency required for a CIC, it needs to be made clear who will be appointed ‘members’ [section 9.1.3 para 2]; to ensure that the band of ex-councillors, current councillors, others and and the ex-clerk (directors)keep to their promises not to draw any remuneration from the company?

Perhaps Messrs Jee and Brown, togther with the directors of Nene Marine CIC Ltd, should open up their files, so the parish council and parishioners whose £273,000 of their s106 money from the power station, can be shown to be going towards a viable investment. Come on folks, put our money where your mouth is!

Chris Brandon-King

Nightingale Way

Sutton Bridge