SUTTON BRIDGE MARINA PLAN: Very little benefit for our village

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In response to the story in last week’s guardian: ‘Funding blow will not sink marina plan’.

Mr Wheatley is a council officer, not a decision maker. I wonder what the current portfolio holder responsible for this project has to say? He or she has the ideal opportunity to undertake a completely un-biased review of the project, to see if it has any chance of success.

Mr Wheatley talks of unfortunate delays. The delays result from incompetence. That fact alone does not instil any confidence in the likely success of the project.

I studied the original business plan, and found it did not support the claim that “the marina has the potential to create significant economic up-lift in Sutton Bridge...”, as claimed by Mr Wheatley. Is he talking about the wildly over-optimistic £200,000 per year?

Has Sutton Bridge Parish Council seen the ‘revised plans’, as promised? As the representatives of the electorate in Sutton Bridge, isn’t it necessary and appropriate for the ‘revised plan’ to be scrutinised by them, as £267,000 of Sutton Bridge’s section 106 funds are being claimed? Those ‘revised plans’ now seem to refer to an 80 berth marina, larger than the original 68 berth one, on which the original business plan was based.

Lincolnshire County Council need to take a good look at this potential gross waste of taxpayers’ money, on a marina with very little benefit to Sutton Bridge.

Chris Brandon King

Sutton Bridge